Sunday March 03, 2024

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  1. I`m boycotting Kix cereal because of all that kid testing.
  2. You`re as useless as a referee in the WWE
  3. Be thankful for stupid people, they make it easier for the rest of us to get ahead in life.
  4. The only thing I hate about beer is that there`s absolutely nothing I hate about beer... :)
  5. An arranged marriage is just another way of saying that your parents helped you get laid.
  6. My friends and I played fantasy football in high-school. No league, we just constantly thought about the cheerleaders.
  7. None of my friends laugh at any of my jokes because cats can only meow.
  8. When you have the opportunity to become a bigger person, take it because cake is delicious.
  9. If all men are created equal then why are there midgets?
  10. To-Do List : Nothing[?]
  11. Go home Polar Vortex....yer drunk.
  12. Size does matter ... When ordering a pizza
  13. I eat boiled eggs, cabbage, and baked beans before the in-laws visit. They never stay long.
  14. Sometimes I wonder if the kid in the Dreamworks logo has caught a fish yet.