Sunday March 03, 2024

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  1. Ladies, not every guy who talks to you wants to bang you. Some of us know that you have booze and snacks in your purse.
  2. Just woke up next to my bed. Not sure if I fell out or didn`t quite make it in.
  3. Gym Update: Not there.
  4. I thought I wanted to get married again. Then I laughed and remembered why I shouldn`t think.
  5. The awkward moment when you look both ways down a one way street.
  6. What idiot named them nostrils instead of scent vents?
  7. I ate a shepherd`s pie for lunch. He was pretty upset about it.
  8. I hear boomerangs are making a comeback.
  9. When people have cars as their profile picture I automatically presume they are a transformer.
  10. Well, all I have to say is TGIF. (Post this on any day but Friday to get comments)
  11. When you leave store without buying anything and all you can think is `keep calm, you`re innocent`.
  12. I`m perfect you adjust.
  13. Dude, I see you are enjoying a cold Bud Light Lime-a-Rita .... I`m going to assume that`s your smart car parked outside.
  14. Does running out of money count as exercise?