Sunday March 03, 2024

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  1. Will be drunk until further notice.
  2. If running away from my problems counts as exercise then yes, I work out a lot.
  3. Drunk is when you feel sophisticated but can’t pronounce it.
  4. My wife was afraid of the dark......then she saw me naked.........now she is afraid of the light.
  5. Nothing says "I dont take you seriously" like your dog wagging his tail when you`re yelling at him.
  6. Just heard a guy at the dog park tell his dog "NO!" and then more quietly, "We talked about this!"
  7. I`m not crazy I`m just special! No wait maybe I am crazy.. One second, I have to talk to myself about this hold on...
  8. My anaconda really doesn`t care if you got buns or not.
  9. My life may be a mess but at least I didn`t make a harlem shake video.
  10. If you insist on sending me pics of your boobs please at least be a female!!
  11. I`m pretty sure if you watched a movie of my life backwards it probably would be about a guy who refills beer cans and puts them in the fridge.
  12. Sometimes, I question my sanity ... Sometimes, it replies
  13. What idiot named them jet skis instead of boatercycles
  14. Nothing sadder than the look on my dogs face when I drop food from the table and they realize it`s lettuce.