Thursday June 30, 2022

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  1. Sometimes the first step to forgiveness is understanding that the other person is an idiot.
  2. My life is a constant cycle of waiting for the weekend and then not doing anything when it comes.
  3. Attention burglars: We may or may not be home. Or maybe we are hunters, waiting for you to get closer for a kill shot
  4. Women can brutally and methodically destroy your life. But they let you see their tits along the way so it`s totally cool.
  5. Don`t be sad laundry, nobody`s doing me either.
  6. Same sex marriage? Heck, I know couples who would be happy with a SOME sex marriage
  7. Man what a day. I pulled my groin...for like 20 minutes.
  8. When a girl says she wants you to splurge on her, calm down, it`s not what you think...
  9. I have a pornographic memory... Go ahead and get naked, I`ll remember you.
  10. My friend told me his girlfriend talks a lot in her sleep..Apparently "I know" was not the right answer...
  11. "Omg. Why does this store have so many naked pictures of me?"... "Sir those are mirrors, and we`re gonna have to ask you to leave."
  12. Actually, when I went to New Orleans, I blacked out too.
  13. My weight loss goal is to not care about the crumbs at the bottom of a Pringles can.
  14. What is this World Cup and can I drink from it?