Monday December 05, 2022

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  1. What do you call a guy who makes "Woman in the Kitchen" jokes? Single.
  2. Shopping tip: You can get shoes for a buck at bowling alleys.
  3. The best neighbors are the ones you never see.
  4. Hi, you`ve reached my voicemail. Why didn`t you text me? I`ll never call you back. Like, ever. You`d have better luck with a telegram.
  5. You`ve never been truly drunk until you`ve had to use a barstool as a walker to get home.
  6. My reaction to winning a billion dollars wouldn`t even come close to my 10 year old`s reaction when I told him that there`s no school today.
  7. I like people... From a distance.
  8. If you are what you eat then where is this place that a ton of people are eating stupid?
  9. Since it is the day to give thanks, I would like to say once again...you`re welcome.
  10. My girlfriend left me because I`m a legend ... Or to quote her, `Arrogant`.
  11. In retrospect, I suppose "harder" wasn`t the best choice of a safe word.
  12. If that was me in the movie Taken, my dad would have missed the call and emailed me 3 days later asking if I have a job yet
  13. SAFETY TIP: Lock your doors and windows before bed. By the way, I love what you`ve done with the place.
  14. If one door closes and another one opens, seek help your house is haunted.