Sunday March 03, 2024

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  1. Idk what was worse, the fact that my girlfriend text me saying “sorry breaking up with you” or that a minute later she text me back “sorry wrong number.”
  2. If a dentist makes money off people with unhealthy teeth, why should I trust a toothbrush that 4 out of 5 dentists recommend?
  3. Being a fat guy at McDonald`s is like being the muscle guy at the gym. People stay out of your way cause they know you mean business
  4. I hate when I´m laughing & my a$$ falls off.
  5. The ultimate act of trust is buying your spouse a gun, and then showing them the correct way to use it.
  6. If you`re in your car, go ahead and pick your nose, because the car makes you invisible.
  7. Boys will be boys... unless they get a sex change.
  8. You can tell Monopoly is an old game because there’s a luxury tax and rich people can go to jail.
  9. The only charities I`ve donated money too recently are covered in glitter and dance to bad music.
  10. It`s fun to chant "Bloody Mary" three times into your car`s side mirror while driving at night and watch her jog to keep up
  11. I got so drunk last night I tried picking up every woman in the bar and now my back is killing me!
  12. Always keep a bottle of wine in the fridge for special occasions. You know…like Thursday.
  13. So apparently putting Alkaseltzer in my pocket while I`m getting baptized and pretending I`m the devil is not funny.
  14. I got kicked out of a fancy dress party on the weekend, because I was wearing nothing but a red shirt. Not my fault nobody has heard of Winnie the Pooh!!