Monday December 05, 2022

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  1. I`m still mad that video killed the radio star.
  2. The Home Alone house is up for sale for 2.4 mil. I’d pay 2.5 (if I had it) just so I could say, “Keep the change you filthy animal.”
  3. It appears that autocorrect has become my worst enema.
  4. If aliens ever attack, I hope they do it in rows of 8, going right and left directly above me. I`m very skilled at shooting aliens this way
  5. I inject vodka right into the orange. Screwdriver-to-go
  6. Light travels faster than sound. That`s why some people appear bright until you hear them speak.
  7. Sure you can try and tell me what to do. Or you can keep your teeth.
  8. Some people should calm down, take a deep breath and then hold it for 20 minutes.
  9. I can read your mind, your thinking about sex right now, no wait, wait.. that`s my mind, sorry, I can read my mind. . .
  10. This year, I`m thankful for all the people that included me in their mass texts wishing me a "Happy Thanksgiving," now I know which numbers to block when Christmas comes around.
  11. Smoke a joint before hitting a buffet to really get your money`s worth...Just saying.
  12. What if dogs bring the ball back because they think you enjoy throwing it?
  13. Do I regret it? Yes. Would I do it again? Hell Yes.
  14. Half of my life has been spent hoping people don’t see me.