Tuesday March 21, 2023

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  1. "Just be yourself" doesn`t work if you suck.
  2. Turbo tax might just be the worst video game I ever played.
  3. I saw that! - Karma
  4. Sorry I yelled "April Fool`s" while you were proposing to your girlfriend.
  5. Fact: 96% of all arguments end with somebody saying “Google that shit!”
  6. Killing spiders is easy and fulfilling if you imagine them whispering "You look fat in those pants".
  7. I just wanted to say thank you to all the people that have given me a reason to drink this Friday night.
  8. I hate it when people like their own statuses * At this point you like your status for dramatic effect*
  9. Make Monday More Fun: Unplug the copier at work and put a sign on it that says “Now Voice Activated!” Sit back and watch the magic unfold..
  10. You can save a lot of money by walking face-first into a spiderweb every morning instead of buying coffee.
  11. I`m off to bed. For those of you who wish to add a touch of authenticity to your fantasies, the sheets are pale blue...
  12. Never take advice from people on the Internet. Not even this.
  13. Autocorrect changed "you`re so wise" to "you`re so wide", and now I need to find a good hiding spot before my wife comes home.
  14. Who wants to go Smart Car Tipping?