Tuesday June 06, 2023

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  1. I`m trying to save up enough money to one day afford to save up money.
  2. Is glad Christmas is near i sure need new coloring books and crayons ..
  3. In honor of St. Patrick`s Day, I`m going to create a hybrid of a four leaf clover and poison ivy and give myself a rash of good luck
  4. Welcome to Psychic Abilities 101. Today`s class was just rescheduled for tomorrow. If you`re here now, you failed.
  5. Someone’s therapist knows all about you.
  6. I`m great in bed....i can sleep for days.
  7. I’m not stupid. I’m just too lazy to show how smart I am.
  8. Women have to deal with periods, pregnancy, childbirth, menopause and hot flashes. Men have to deal with women.
  9. Why is it that everyone hears the car alarm for a good 5 minutes before the owner does?
  10. My girlfriend left me because I`m a legend ... Or to quote her, `Arrogant`.
  11. When I grow up I wanna be a psychiatrist for the mentally insane...so i can find out what the hell is wrong with you people
  12. Whenever I see a celebrity photobomb, I`m like, that`s so relatable. I too constantly ruin moments and think I`m more fun than I actually am
  13. I really wish Wal-Mart had a 10 teeth or more line...
  14. I suppose cougar is a better term than old whore.