Monday December 05, 2022

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  1. One quality I`m not looking for in a partner is the ability to maintain a virtual farm. #FarmVille
  2. When listening to skinny girls talk about losing weight it`s perfectly reasonable to battle cry then karate chop their tiny stomach`s.
  3. So after an hour of playing Paper, Rock, Scissors, we decided to call it a tie. Good game, mirror!
  4. Due to inflation, a picture is now only worth 700 words.
  5. Doing absolutely nothing on the weekends has started to feel more fun than actually going out.
  6. I like my relationships like I like my eggs: over easy.
  7. The "best part of waking up" doesn`t even make sense.
  8. Here`s a joke for all you mind readers...
  9. My husband told me that in some cultures women do all the housework, so I told him in some cultures blow jobs don`t exist. He`s vacuuming.
  10. Hope you get down and funky on this the day of your birth!!
  11. If you have to use a shot glass to make your drinks then you`re not doing it right...
  12. I`m not just living paycheck to paycheck. I`m living from paycheck to change jar to scrap aluminum to liquor store to paycheck.
  13. Do you women realize how silly you all look with your clothes on?
  14. There is nothing worse then trying to watch porn with a slow internet connection.