Wednesday May 29, 2024

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  1. Your call is very important to us. Please enjoy this 40 minute flute solo.
  2. K-Y should be called K-WHEN, because we already know why.
  3. I hate when I get to work and I`m at work.
  4. Automatic doors make me feel like a Jedi
  5. Cops don’t like it when they tell you to put your hands up in the air...then you wave them like you just don’t care.
  6. Apparently a new study shows that unattractive men make better mates. Nice try, ugly scientists.
  7. Was at an Apple store today when I let out a really loud fart. Boy, the employee`s were so mad. Hey, Not my fault they don`t have windows!
  8. All of my selfies are just still shots from surveillance footage.
  9. I sometimes check my blocklist to see how my prisoners are doing
  10. We played a lot of "Keep The Balloon In The Air" as kids, a game known to most other people as being poor.
  11. I think it`s about time Taylor Swift wrote a song called "Maybe I`m the Problem"
  12. It`s scientifically proven that stress is caused by giving a f*ck.
  13. Pretty much the most frightening part of my day is when I get a notification that my mother has tagged me in a post on Facebook.
  14. There is a 3-for-2 sale in my local shoe shop. I almost bought myself a new pair of shoes, but couldn`t decide whether to get an extra left or a right one as part of the offer....