Tuesday June 06, 2023

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  1. Sometimes all you need is $100,000
  2. I tend to avoid things that make me look fat. You know like scales, mirrors and photographs
  3. Before I had kids I never really reflected on life`s little mysteries. For example, why is my toothbrush under the couch?
  4. Put glitter on top of all your friends ceiling fans blades........... Wait till summer... Enjoy!
  5. If your house doesn`t have house numbers on it, you need to address that situation.
  6. I gave my dog a middle name today, so he knows when he`s really in trouble.
  7. If I’ve learned anything in my twenty-two years on this earth, it’s that it’s okay to lie about your age.
  8. Love is like a rubber band, we keep pulling, someone let’s it go, and it hurts the one who held on.
  9. My therapist just offered me my money back.
  10. Why don`t you slip into something more comfortable, like a coma
  11. Just heard about this teacher who had sex with her student. Another reason I won`t send my dog to obedience school
  12. Every Facebook photo album could be titled either "Envy Me!" or "Pity Me!"
  13. I`m disgusted by the thought of people updating their status while sitting on the toilet like I am right now.
  14. Skinny people are bitches. Probably because they`re hungry.