Saturday July 20, 2024

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  1. some people just need a high-five......in the face......with a chair!
  2. Black Friday is Americas version of running with the bulls.
  3. I`ve created a shoe made out of Legos, so when you step on Lego it doesn`t hurt. You just get taller.
  4. To everybody that is single don`t worry you will have your day ... Palm Sunday is just around the corner
  5. I can`t be trusted with your alphabet magnets.
  6. The whole purpose of vacationing is to make you appreciate knowing where the channels are at home.
  7. I’m “had to actually call a girl on the home phone to ask her out while hoping my mom didn’t pick up and start dialing” years old.
  8. Every Instagram caption should just be, "ARE YOU JEALOUS OF MY LIFE YET??"
  9. This morning I jogged for 30 swear words.
  10. 90% of adulthood is just deleting emails.
  11. HR have advised that I’m not allowed to ask my chubby co-workers if they ate my missing stapler.
  12. When I was growing up, I was taught to walk and talk and when I was grown, I was told to sit down and STFU!!!
  13. Good news: I learned how to build a fire. Bad news: I need a new toaster oven.
  14. You know you are in the hood when your portable GPS says “Drive faster and put me under the seat.”