Thursday August 18, 2022

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  1. My dog acts like his entire family was murdered by a vacuum cleaner.
  2. Always look for the girl with the ponytail holder on her wrist.
  3. I just dusted and mopped the house like 3 months ago and it’s dirty again. This is bullsh!t.
  4. If people don`t occasionally walk away from you shaking their heads, you`re doing something wrong.
  5. I just drink until the sadness becomes hilarious.
  6. Just once...one time; can`t we buy a tree that doesn`t try to attack me when I come home drunk at 2am.
  7. Sign outside a Drug Rehab Centre: "Keep off the Grass!"
  8. Day 1. I am thankful that I haven`t fallen into the trap of Facebook thankful status updates.
  9. There could be literally thousands of chameleons in your house right now and you don`t even know it.
  10. It`s never good when Human Resources sends you an email and the subject line is "Your Facebook Activity".
  11. If I didn`t drink, how would everyone know how much I love them at 2am?
  12. OK look, if I meet you for a date and you don`t look anything like your pic, then you`re buying drinks for me until you do.
  13. Seriously, it’s almost 2014, can we please get some waterproof phones? I would like to text in the shower.
  14. I don`t like morning people ... Or mornings ... Or people.