Monday December 05, 2022

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  1. Put that down you fat piece of sh!t` - the title of the dieting book I`m writing.
  2. Do gun manuals have Trouble Shooting sections?
  3. More often than not, the excitement of a Facebook friend request dies upon discovering who it is.
  4. I need my decision making privileges taken away.
  5. As I looked at my naked body in the mirror, I thought to myself: "I`m going to get thrown out of this home depot in a minute."
  6. If I had a dollar for everytime i thought of you, I would start thinking about you!
  7. is wondering why Facebook bothers to give the option of "liking" my own comment? Of course I like my own comments. I´m awesome..
  8. It must be really hard to judge wet t-shirt contests. I saw one recently, and all the t-shirts looked equally wet.
  9. You know you`re desperate for an answer when you look on the second page of Google.
  10. Clapping: Repeatedly high-fiving yourself for someone else`s accomplishments.
  11. The best job ever? Sleeping Beauty at Disney World. You just lay down all day. If anyone bothers you, it’s like excuse me, I’m working here.
  12. is without a doubt, the most popular and best looking person using this laptop.
  13. My 5 year old still has so much to learn. I asked him for a screwdriver and he brought me some sort of tool.
  14. That moment when you spell a word so wrong that even auto correct is like....`I`ve got nothing man.`