Tuesday March 21, 2023

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  1. My favorite moment is the 5 minutes every day when coffee overlaps with wine.
  2. 20 years from now, one of the hardest things our kids will be faced with is finding a screen name which is not already taken!
  3. I hate to admit it, but I’ve got a serious drinking problem. I don’t have any more money to buy liquor.
  4. I bet Jellyfish are sad that there are no Peanut Butter fish.
  5. You don`t look like 200 likes in person
  6. Ever wondered why there is a stairway to heaven, and a highway to hell? There´s apparently more traffic going to hell!!
  7. Today, I am doing my part to conserve energe, I’m going back to bed.
  8. Stop complaining about the rain. Cause rain makes corn and corn makes whiskey.
  9. Some people think I`m quiet, others wish I was.
  10. Had a super busy day today converting oxygen into carbon dioxide.
  11. They called themselves geologists because stoners was already taken.
  12. I see you’re playing stupid. Looks like you’re winning too.
  13. Serving sarcasm with a smile since 1984.
  14. If your friends tell you not to give in to peer pressure and you don`t: technically, you did