Sunday March 03, 2024

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  1. I have a disease called AWESOME...You don`t understand it since you don`t have it.
  2. Thanks to Facebook i now know what everyones bathroom looks like.
  3. Relationships are like yard sales... They look good from a distance but you get there & realize its just a bunch of sh!t you dont need.
  4. I bought some shoes from a drug dealer. I don`t know what he laced them with, but I`ve been tripping all day.
  5. There are dozens of different flavors of ramen noodles, but they all taste like poverty and loneliness.
  6. WHAT DO WE WANT!!! A cure for hangovers WHEN DO WE WANT IT!!! Please stop yelling
  7. What are nuts on a wall? Walnuts. What are nuts on the chest? Chestnuts. What are nuts against a chin? Blow job.
  8. Having a mohawk used to mean you were tough. Now it means you’re a 3 year-old with annoying parents.
  9. Be the best you can be, while being the worst that you`re able to get away with.
  10. I live for those really small but special moments in life, like when I see the waiter bringing my food to the table.
  11. Would you like to save money on your car insurance? Walk ... Just sayin
  12. Millions of innocent coconuts are murdered each year so you can drink their nutritious blood you insensitive health freak
  13. I’m back on my feet again!! Wait, false alarm the remote is right here.
  14. I’m over the 30-day ab challenge ... Is there a 30-day nap challenge I can take on?