Tuesday March 21, 2023

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  1. From 8am until 12pm, my job basically pays me to think about what I am going to have for lunch.
  2. People hate the truth. Luckily, the Truth doesn`t give a $#!t.
  3. "Good for you!" means, "I do not consider you a threat" in woman-speak.
  4. I neither like nor want to date Taylor Swift, but I know at some point it’ll just be my turn.
  5. When will vegeterians stop eating my food`s food??
  6. Good morning to some...Hello to others...And f*uck you to the rest!!
  7. Just so I`m sure to make friends, I like to walk in the bar carrying a handful of phone chargers.
  8. I keep seeing studies finding fecal matter on things. Anyone considered that perhaps it`s the scientists that aren`t washing their hands?
  9. Your giving me the silent treatment??? FKN FINALLY!!
  10. I`d publish my autobiography but it`s just a bunch of liquor stained pages filled with doodles, and rants about stupid people.
  11. I wasn`t born with enough middle fingers to show you how I really feel about you!
  12. Between the coffee and the cocaine, it looks like the mission of Colombia is to wake up the world.
  13. Don`t be that guy that goes around saying "Don`t Be That Guy."
  14. I`m telling you, Godzilla must have feet made of steel. I step on a Lego and can`t walk for a month.