Sunday March 03, 2024

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  1. Facebook is like Chinese food. When you think you had enough, you want more.
  2. I got on-line to check the weather...That was 12 years ago.
  3. I am a very tolerant person until you think differently than me. Then I act like a spoiled little brat.
  4. I like birthdays, but I think too many can kill you.
  5. I wouldn`t want lesbian parents. Not because I`m homophobic. I just don`t want to get stuck in an endless loop of "Go ask your mother."
  6. Give a fish some bread and he`ll eat for a day. Teach a fish to be a flying piranha and he`ll eat for a lifetime.
  7. Relax… We’re all crazy.. It’s not a competition.
  8. Went for a mile run today. Stupid Ice Cream Man just kept driving even though I was waving my money in the air!
  9. You know when you`re exercising and feel like you could keep going and going? That`s happened to me, only with beer.
  10. Apparently "whiskey and wild women" is not an acceptable answer when asked what your weaknesses are during a job interview.
  11. Really close to my perfect target weight. All I need now is one more stomach flu
  12. If running late counted as exercise I would be the healthiest motherf*cker you ever saw
  13. Beach people are fickle. One minute you`re the loser with a bucket of cold fries and the next they`re terrified of the Lord of Seagulls.
  14. If da Vinci were alive today, the "Mona Lisa" would have been called "IMG-20121020-00463.jpg"