Sunday March 03, 2024

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  1. Jesus is coming.... look busy
  2. Premature ejaculation and hide and seek have one thing in common. 1 2 3 ready or not here I come.
  3. She walked in & she had legs, legs that went on for days. Who knows where they went? They just kept wenting. - Why my mystery novel failed
  4. I don’t have bumper stickers because I don’t believe in anything strongly enough to potentially get my car keyed.
  5. The only excuse for the kinds of storms that have been coming is that someone somewhere is losing a game of Jumanji...
  6. The package says "Do not eat raw cookie dough" but all I really see is "Pillsbury hates you and doesn`t want you to be happy."
  7. Three guys walk into a bar. Two ended up with a concussion, the other needed 4 stitches.
  8. I hate it when people like their own statuses * At this point you like your status for dramatic effect*
  9. Really don`t see the need for pants for the rest of this day. :)
  10. My life is spent trying to get people to give me the silent treatment.
  11. The lady next to me in the elevator told me to press One. That was the last thing I remembered
  12. I have many talents... For example: Sleeping.
  13. At the end of each day, life should ask us, `Do you want to save the changes?`
  14. Texting while sitting at a stop light: Helping save lives every day by preventing T-bone collisions with drivers who run red lights. Because of that extra minute it takes for you to realize that the light has turned green, the driver who has no regard for the safety of others entering the intersection legally, can now safely clear the intersection without causing a collision. For this, we thank you.