Sunday March 03, 2024

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  1. If I like you, I’ll let you hold the TV remote when we watch TV. If I love you, I won’t take the batteries out of it beforehand.
  2. Racism, sexism and homophobia make no sense when there are so many perfectly good stupid people to hate.
  3. I need coffee in my life more than I need most people.
  4. No one appreciates the special genius of your conversation like the dog does
  5. Size does matter-just ask Pluto.
  6. I would die if I had to stop exaggerating.
  7. Hmmm… Who should I stalk on Facebook now? :)
  8. Punctuality is a waste of time since no one is ever there to appreciate it.
  9. The thing I miss most about being young is knowing everything.
  10. I automatically classify anything over $5 as expensive.
  11. My wife says I`m a clueless idiot. I didn`t even know I had a wife.
  12. If you still can read this, please inform me ASAP because I have probably blocked the wrong person!
  13. If you tell people you used to weigh 500 pounds they`ll tell you how great you look at 250.
  14. This day will end with either wine or shopping. Probably both.