Tuesday June 06, 2023

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  1. I’m not the type of person you want to put on speaker during a phone conversation.
  2. Looks like I won`t be updating my status today...
  3. Sometimes I think if it weren`t for the gutter my mind would be homeless...
  4. Calling someone with glasses “four eyes” isn’t an insult. Know what else has four eyes? Two sharks. Now you feel stupid.
  5. *Gets absolutely nothing done*… Welp time for a break.
  6. Grabbing a drink after work is perfectly fine.However, you look like an alcoholic when your getting that drink at 6am.
  7. Guuuyyyysssss, never ever play leapfrog with a unicorn.... Its not worth it.....
  8. I’m old enough to know what’s bad for me and young enough to do it.
  9. I changed siri to a male voice and now my car keeps taking me to strip clubs and auto parts stores
  10. My daughter exclaims "Cheers!" before she takes a drink of juice. So no, actually, I am NOT looking forward to parent - teacher conferences.
  11. I AM doing something with my life. It’s called screwing around.
  12. Then there was the ex-cop who started his own landscaping business. He called it Lawn Order.
  13. A great thing about being single is never having to erase your history tab.
  14. Kids teach you so many life lessons. Unconditional love, patience, the meaning of family, but mostly to lock the bedroom door.