Sunday March 03, 2024

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  1. Spread happiness by smiling at a stranger today...or flash them your boobs. Strangers love boobs!
  2. The bible says you can`t buy your way into heaven but there isn`t a church in the country that won`t encourage you to try.
  3. Insomnia causes questionable browser history.
  4. Christmas trees are like boobs...the fake ones are nice to look at... But the real ones are so much better
  5. Guests are coming over for Thanksgiving... Almost time to booby trap the medicine cabinet with marbles.
  6. Gimmie a P. Gimmie an R. Gimmie an O. Gimmie a C. Gimmie an R. Gimmie an A. Gimmie an S. Gimmie a....oh, nevermind. I`ll finish this later.
  7. Despite the old saying, "Don`t take your troubles to bed", many women still sleep with their husbands.
  8. I just read more people are killed by toasters than sharks.So if you`re swimming in the ocean and see a toaster SWIM FOR YOUR LIFE!
  9. Interviewer: "What did you like best about your last job?" Me: "Sometimes, people had birthdays and there was free cake."
  10. I remember 2012 like it was yesterday.
  11. FACT: The higher pitched my "hey!" the greater the chance I don`t remember who you are.
  12. people say nobody`s perfect..i made nobody!..
  13. I’m not implying you’re stupid. I’m saying it outright. Here, I wrote it in crayon to help you understand.
  14. Ain`t no sunshine when she`s gone..... or sandwiches.... Ain`t no sandwiches either.