Tuesday January 31, 2023

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  1. My neck, My back, My Netflix and my snacks...
  2. My interventions would be so much more effective if every single reason I drink wasn`t there
  3. I`ve been told my posts are too depressing but what does it matter. We`ll all be dead soon anyway.
  4. It`s hard to compliment a fake person without lying.
  5. I can`t stand people who blame everyone else for their problems....I`d be successful and happy by now if it wasn`t for them!!!!
  6. Life is what happens when you’re not looking at a screen.
  7. Remeber that time we came to work and we were excited? Me neither.
  8. Today is "find your active cavity at 50% off" day at your local store.
  9. Juicing changed my life. I went from being overweight, to being overweight and owning a juicer.
  10. “Can we talk tomorrow?” is my way of saying “I’ll try to do a better job of avoiding you tomorrow?”
  11. There are more important things in life than Facebook and Twitter, like watching TV and having a beer.
  12. People who say "I hate to bother you" need to learn to hate it a little bit more.
  13. The problem with this generation? The cartoons suck.
  14. “I need to stop,” I whispered as I clicked next episode.