Saturday June 15, 2024

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  1. Vodka is just amazing water.
  2. 20 years from now, one of the hardest things our kids will be faced with is finding a screen name which is not already taken!
  3. I can`t afford Disney World so we go to the biggest hill on my street and my kids wait an hour before I roll them down in my office chair.
  4. I accidentally ran over my neighbour`s cat........... Nine times....... just in case
  5. A reality show where a couple wins $10 million dollars if they show nobody a picture of their baby for the first 2 years.
  6. I`m not the type of person you want to put on speakerphone.
  7. Is somebody not editing what I´m saying here???
  8. My kids are always accusing me of having a "favorite child" which is ridiculous because I don`t really like any of them.
  9. I`d rather run a marathon than listen to someone talk about running a marathon.
  10. I just googled "Is there really cowbell in the actual song Don`t Fear the Reaper?" and my first response was, "Go outside and do something."
  11. I wouldn`t consider myself someone that litters but I do turn on my windshield wipers while im driving down the road to get rid of that useless flyer some idiot put on my car when I quickly run into the store.
  12. Every Facebook photo album could be titled either "Envy Me!" or "Pity Me!"
  13. once again Tequila is the Delete History button of my brain.
  14. A compromise is an agreement whereby both parties get what neither of them wanted.