Wednesday May 29, 2024

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  1. My wife is pissed at me again. Apparently I`m breathing wrong.
  2. I love finding money in my clothes. It`s like a gift to me... from me. :)
  3. Our #1 problem in this country is that nobody wants to take responsibility for anything ...but please don`t quote me!
  4. Wtf? I was always told to treat people the way I want to be treated.. Stupid sexual harassment charges pending.
  5. Size does matter-just ask Pluto.
  6. Some people say a true friend stabs you in the front. I’m gonna go ahead and say a true friend just puts the knife down.
  7. Don`t ask me stupid questions and I won`t hurt your stupid feelings.
  8. I just saw a woman getting into a car the wrong way ... Through the driver’s door.
  9. My life is much more fun and interesting when I`m single... Problem is I can`t remember any of it.
  10. People be like… I will love you unconditionally on one condition.
  11. I`m kind of like Hugh Hefner. Only without the mansion, the exotic cars, the girls, the magazine and the money. Basically, I`m just a guy in a bathrobe.
  12. I just got an email telling me how I can have fuller, firmer breasts. I can`t wait to show them to my wife!!
  13. Somewhere the inventor of yoga pants is near death from all the high fives and non-stop free tequila shots he gets.
  14. My Son: The marriage vows say "tell death do us part", so we are not married in heaven ? Me: That`s right son, cause if we were still married, we`d be in hell.