Saturday December 04, 2021

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  1. It took dozens and dozens of flushes and a plunger, but my guinea pig`s funeral is finally over.
  2. Either I need to up my dosage or my income.
  3. A hospital is the only commercial establishment where the worse service they provide you, the more you`ll come back.
  4. I see your arguement contains a lot of swear words, you must really know what you`re talking about
  5. I still remember the first time I lied about being able to time travel... It was 3 weeks from tomorrow.
  6. Knife > gun because if I pull a knife, you don`t know what I`m gonna do. Stab you? Open a letter? Or am I gonna frost a cake? It`s a mystery
  7. Most kids today wont understand the joy of playing with the telephone cord.
  8. If you are what you eat then where is this place that a ton of people are eating stupid?
  9. I really worry about which selfie my family would put on the news if I ever went missing.
  10. I was going to do stand up comedy years ago but then I thought ...Ugghhh, standing...
  11. A homeless guy asked me for 50 cents for a sandwich. I said, "First let me see the sandwich."
  12. When I have a yard sale I play the theme song to Sanford & Son with a boombox on my porch.
  13. Struggling to get your wife`s attention?.....just sit down and look comfortable.
  14. Back before Walmart, you used to have to buy a ticket to see a bearded woman.